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spring summer 5783

Use 103B door

Sunday-Thursday:  8am - 4pm

 Erev Shabbos & Erev Yom Tov: 8am - 12pm

 Closed: Shabbos and Yom Tov

Street parking is limited- please obey all posted signage!



Use 103A door

Because Daughters of Israel Mikvah is used by all members of the community, protocols have been established to help keep everyone that comes through the Mikvah safe and healthy:

1. For the sake of our Mikvah attendants (shomrot), and for the sake of others that use the Mikvah, women who presently have any contagious illness including, but not limited to, COVID should not use the Mikvah until their doctor informs them that doing so does not put others at risk.  

2. A woman with symptoms of any contagious illness should notify the Mikvah attendants of their symptoms before attending.  If necessary, they should be prepared to confirm that the illness is not a serious contagious one, such as COVID, before using the Mikvah, testing if necessary.

3. If you have concerns about your health and/or your health’s impact on other Mikvah users,  please let us  know by texting or calling 617-782-9433. A shomeret will respond to you during evening hours. 

4. As the prevalence of COVID has declined in the community, preparations may now be done at the Mikvah.  Please tell the attendant if you intend to bathe/shower at the Mikvah or if you will come fully prepared.

5. Whenever requested by a shomeret, all users of the mikvah are asked to wear a mask.

6. The risk for any disease transmission at the Mikvah is low:

  • Both immersion pools are filtered daily and are properly treated with bromine.

  • Having six preparation rooms reduces waiting room time, if any, which reduces close contact between patrons. 

  • Staff wash their hands between patrons.

  • Preparation rooms are cleaned in between each use thoroughly, with great care taken to meticulously sanitize handheld items and items that are touched frequently, such as doorknobs and call buttons. All used implements such as tweezers or nail clippers are fully sanitized  between uses.

  • Preparations may be done at the mikvah. Please tell the shomeret if you need bath/shower/covid cautious immerse only and will come fully prepared.  


Our fulfillment of this mitzvah of mikvah should be a zechus to keep us all healthy and bring Moshiach soon.

If you have any questions feel free to call, text or email the mikvah at                            or 617-782-9433.



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