Daughters of Israel Mikvah

103 Washington St. 

Brighton, MA 02135





EXPANDED Keilim Mikvah Hours  begin  Sunday July 11, 2021


Sunday- Thursday 8am - 6pm

 Erev Shabbos & Erev Yom Tov 

8am-12 noon

 Closed: Shabbos and Yom Tov

If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask.

Street parking is limited; obey all posted signage. 


 Women's Mikvah covid update - September 2021


Due to the recent concerns over COVID-19 we at the Daughters of Israel Mikvah would like to share our established protocols to help keep everyone that comes through our mikvah safe and healthy. 

  1. Our preparation rooms are cleaned in between each use thoroughly, with great care taken to thoroughly sanitize handheld items and items that are touched frequently such as doorknobs and call buttons. All used implements such as tweezers or nail clippers are thoroughly sanitized between uses.

  2. Both our mikvaos are filtered daily and are properly treated with bromine.

  3. Our six preparation rooms reduce waiting room time, if any, which reduces close contact between patrons. 

  4. Our staff wash their hands thoroughly between patrons.

  5. If you have come into contact with a COVID19 positive person or are feeling any symptoms of covid in the past two week we will have to ask you to test negative for covid or  wait until two weeks and for any symptoms to clear. 

  6. Preparations may be done at the mikvah. Please tell the shomeret if you need bath/ shower/ covid cautious-and will come fully prepared

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Our fulfillment of this mitzvah of mikvah should be a zechus to keep us all healthy and bring Moshiach soon.

If you have any questions feel free to call, text or email our mikvah.