A Letter From the Rabbis of the Community

25 Teves 5777- January 23, 2017

One of the most important institutions in any Jewish community is the mikvah,

which enables Jewish families to adhere to the laws of family purity. The Daughters of

Israel Mikvah has serviced the local community for decades, founded by the late

Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Horowiz zt”l, and staffed and directed each night

by a dedicated cadre of women who serve as Mikvah attendants on behalf of the entire


The Daughters of Israel Mikvah, our community-wide mikvah, which for

decades has served all Jews in the Boston, Brookline, Brighton, Newton, and Cambridge

communities and beyond, now stands at a moment of incredible opportunity. It has

entered an agreement with a local real estate developer to build a new mikvah in a new

building to be located behind the current, centrally-located site on Washington Street.

The developer has even agreed to pay almost one-half of the construction costs. Though

many communities confront the need to repair or rebuild an aging mikvah, few are

blessed with an opportunity like ours, where the developer has agreed to cover such a

large portion of the cost.

The new mikvah will contain eight prep-rooms, in addition to two immersion

pools, with an ergonomically redesigned floor plan to improve traffic-flow. The new

mikvah will contain a handicapped accessible prep-room and immersion pool, and will

also enable greater accessibility to the keilim mikvah as well. The mikvah systems will

also be state-of-the-art, improving the user’s experience. Dedicated mikvah parking will

be available, and the mikvah-access-way will be repaved.

For the project to move forward and to be able to break ground in 2017, we need

communal support to be able to fund the community’s portion of the new

building. Thankfully, the contributions of the earlier generations of dedicated volunteers

and donors have enabled the current mikvah structure to serve the community for

decades; but we are now at the time to build anew. Some generous donors along with the

organization Mikvah USA have already stepped forward, but we need community-wide

support to cover the rest. Those who are of means and can donate more generously are

encouraged to do so, but at the very least, we ask each family to contribute a small sum,

to be able to cover the costs of building our new, modern mikvah.


It is our hope that each family in the community will contribute $360 as a

one-time contribution towards building our new mikvah, or $30/month for 12

months, via check or credit card (http://www.bostonmikvah.org/building-fund). Each

family that uses the mikvah should pay its share, as only through the participation of all

the one thousand families in Brighton, Newton, Cambridge, and Brookline will we raise

the necessary $500,000 to complete the project. Families who have enjoyed the

beneficence of past generations should also give even if they, themselves, no longer use

the mikvah, for the sake of future generations of mikvah users, and the future of our

community. Families who can contribute $1,000 towards the mikvah project will

receive special recognition as “Mikvah Partners” for their generous efforts in

funding this project.


An open forum to present and discuss the proposed Mikvah changes will

take place at the Young Israel of Brookline on Wednesday January 25th, 2017 at


This is a communal obligation that falls upon us all; and united together we can

do great things.

With blessings of the Torah,

Grand Rabbi Naftali Horowitz, Congregation Beth Pinchas

Rabbi Ahron Benmergui, New Ashkenaz Minyan

Rabbi Naftoly Bier, Kollel of Greater Boston

Rabbi Avinoam Durani, Beit Sasson, the Sephardic Congregation of Newton

Rabbi Shloimy Halpern, Khal Tiferes Yosef

Rabbi Aaron Hamaoui, Sephardic Community of Greater Boston

Rabbi David Hellman, Young Israel of Brookline

Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe, Maimonides Kehillah

Rabbi Zalman Leff, Kollel of Greater Boston

Rabbi Moshe Leiberman, Chabad of Newton Center

Rabbi Shayke Lerner, Chabad Center of Brookline

Rabbi Dovid Moskovitz, Congregation Chai Odom

Rabbi Shalom Prus, Cong Beth Menachem Chabad of Newton

Rabbi Dan Rodkin, Jewish Russian Center & Synagogue of Greater Boston

Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels, Congregation Shaarei Tefillah

Rabbi Mayshe Schwartz, The Chai Center - Chabad of Brookline

Rabbi Gershon Segal, Congregation Beth-El Atereth Israel

Rabbi Jason Strauss, Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe

Rabbi Mendy Uminer, Chabad Shul of Chestnut Hill

Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, Chabad at Harvard

Checks Should be Mailed to:

Daughters of Israel Mikvah

New Building Fund

PO BOX 35606

Brighton, MA 02135

Daughters of Israel, 103 Washington Steet, Brighton, MA 02135




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